Inma Aleixos ​Borrás

  • Digital Research Data Curator

    Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) University of Michigan

    Ann Arbor. USA. 2014

    ​I curated and made social and behavioral research data publicly available using the ICPSR's system for archiving, preserving and making available various types of data. I assessed the deposited material of the research project by completing a confidentiality review, processing data, completing a quality check process, and finally releasing the study. In order to accomplish these tasks I used Unix, SPSS, SAS, Stata (Study Tracking System), Hermes and Turnover.

  • Records Manager 
    University Audit Office, University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor. ​USA. 2013

    I created a research strategy and developed various guideline schemes and templates to manage information about the organization's audits. I created a preliminary classification scheme for their records and made a proposal for a more efficient use of their shared drive keeping in mind federal and university requirements on confidentiality. This required a deep analysis of their functions based on the university mandate for auditing; their classification criteria, and the different permissions to access confidential information. In order to accomplish these tasks, I used, among other tools, their own software for audits, Microsoft Visio and TreeSize Professional. 

  • Records and Research Data Manager
    Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC). U.S. Geological Survey. Department of Interior 
    Ann Arbor. USA. 2013

    In fulfilling with federal requirements of preservation and public release of research data, I analysed both systems for managing digital research data and documents, ServCat and ScienceBase. I made an analysis of their research data management needs. Apart from interviews, I based my analysis and conclusions on documents, research data workflow, metadata management, and both storage and retrieval needs and federal requirements. Finally, I provided the Head of the Records Department with some recommendations on research data management. 

  • Records Manager - Coordinating Manager
    Unidad de Investigación de Psicología de las Organizaciones y del Trabajo (UIPOT). School of Psychology. University of Valencia 
    Spain. 2006-2012

    Apart from all the tasks derived from being the managing coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology (WOP-P) in relation to students and scholars, I created both a classification scheme for both paper and born-digital records of the program, as well as for the PhD program. I designed two relational data bases. One data base was aimed to keep track of the files and records created, received and managed by the UIPOT. The other data base had the final goal of creating an online application to the program. I also designed and implemented a classification system for their shared drive. I also trained faculty, staff and PhD students at the School of Psychology in managing and sharing digital documents. 

  • Archivist
    Servei de Prevenció i Medi Ambient. University of Valencia
    Spain. 2005-2006

    I implemented both an archival and records management systems. I arranged hundreds of paper records created and received by this university unit since its creation. I also designed and developed their shared drive structure, keeping in mind confidentiality requirements on sensitive and confidential health data. All these tasks required the creation of a classification scheme, the design of a data base to manage files and records, and the training of administrative staff, nurses, physicians and other experts in the fields of environment, work security and health.

Professional experience