Inma Aleixos ​Borrás

My PhD dissertation aims to provide a holistic view of the process of reusing data by researchers in order to answer new research questions. I am interested in the different types of decision-making processes, negotiations, and agreements among researchers, and between other data stakeholders. My research also aims to understand how researchers manage to balance simultaneously enabling and hindering factors when accessing and reusing data.


My main research interests are related to data sharing and reuse within the institution of science; digital curation and preservation; records and information of human rights issues as evidence before international criminal courts; social, cultural, and knowledge determinants of trust in “authentic” digital records; the intersection of sociology and archives through "social memory”; sociology of science; and sociology of scientific knowledge. Below you will find a short description about some of my research interests.

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Some research work

Is a video worth a thousand words at the International Criminal Court? Videos by citizen journalists as evidence of human rights violations, 2014. Unpublished.

ExpoSItion 2014 Poster Presentation Honorable Mention (Academic/Research Category). March 24, 2014Poster presentation at Wayne State University. April 5, 2014

The memory of the battle of Almansa: an enduring counter-memory, 2013. Unpublished.

Some of my research interests