My PhD research aims to provide a holistic view of the process of reusing data by researchers in order to answer new research questions. I am interested in the different types of decision-making processes, negotiations, and agreements among researchers, and between other data stakeholders. My research also aims to understand why some researchers decide reusing data despite many challenges and others decide not reusing even when facing fewer challenges than the former. I am searching for an answer drawing on conceptual frameworks from the Sociology of Science, the Philosophy of Science, and Management Studies, and using both deductive and inductive analyses in ten case studies in health sciences.


◊Operationalization of the concept “knowledge control regime” by Stephen Hilgartner in four case studies where knowledge and control are intertwined and co-constituted.

◊Hermeneutic analysis of interviews with researchers in the field of Management Studies in a project about “openness behavior” in the production and transfer of academic knowledge to the society. Principal Investigator: Julia Olmos Peñuela.

◊New modes of knowledge creation in humanities, namely in history studies (in preparation).


Other of my main research interests are related to data sharing and reuse within the institution of science; digital curation and preservation; records and information of human rights issues as evidence before international criminal courts; social, cultural, and knowledge determinants of trust in “authentic” digital records; the intersection of sociology and archives through "social memory”; sociology of science; and sociology of scientific knowledge. Below you will find a short description about some of my research interests.

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Inma Aleixos ​Borrás

Some of my research work and interests

Some research work and reviews:

Open research behaviour in management studies: an ideal honoured more in the breach than in the observance– submitted to RESSH 2019, September Valencia, Spain. Co-authors: Julia Olmos, Paul Benneworth, Ignacio Fernández.

​A relational framework for analyzing the reuse of research data
– accepted at XIII Congreso Español de Sociología 2019, July – Valencia, Spain.
Co-authors: Pablo D’Este (INGENIO), Jose López (University of Ottawa). Special thanks to Jochen Gläser and Grit Laudel for their intellectual contribution to this framework.

Opening the black box of the reuse of research data
(in preparation –  accepted at XIII Congreso Español de Sociología 2019, July – Valencia, Spain.
Co-author: Jose López (University of Ottawa)

Should Open Data be rewarded at all? If yes, what would be the consequences?
(in preparation)
Co-author: Jose López (University of Ottawa)

“Data for sale!!” Commercializing data for obtaining rewards – presented at the Technology Transfer Society Conference 2018, October – Valencia, Spain)
Co-author: Jose López (University of Ottawa)

The discursive (re)conceptualization of research data as outputs of the research process
(in preparation)
​Co-author: Jose López (University of Ottawa)

The backstage pseudo-infrastructure of Open Data in molecular biology: reflections for science policy
- accepted at Eu-SPRI 2019 Conference (Rome, Italy)

Co-author: Jose López (University of Ottawa)

Tres eras tres las hijas del rey: planteamiento, desarrollo y explotación en datos científicos. 2015.

Is a video worth a thousand words at the International Criminal Court? Videos by citizen journalists as evidence of human rights violations
2014. Unpublished.

​ExpoSItion 2014 Poster Presentation Honorable Mention
(Academic/Research Category). March 24, 2014
Poster presentation at Wayne State University. April 5, 2014

The memory of the battle of Almansa: an enduring counter-memory, 2013. Unpublished.

Book review: Margalit, A (2002). The ethics of memory. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. 2013. Unpublished.