What else about me? (freelance services)​

Inma Aleixos ​Borrás

I can: 

  • Search for documents and information in historic archives in any city of Spain

  • Analyze your data (interviews, focus groups, observations) in any format (text, video, images, etc.) with qualitative methods

  • Teach you how to use bibliographic reference managers (Mendeley, Zotero, Refworks)

  • Teach you how to code your data with qualitative methods

  • Teach you how to use QDAS (Qualitative Data Analysis Software), e.g., NVivo

Contact me if you are interested.

(Rates will depend on the type and magnitud of the work as well as on deadlines)

I have experience in all these activities.

Regarding coding and QDAS, I teach a seminar for early and senior researchers at the School of Social Sciences of the University of Valencia about coding and using NVivo. In 2018, the seminar was titled "Gestión de recursos en investigación cualitativa". In 2019 (May) the title of the seminar is "De los datos a las descripciones o a las explicaciones causales: gestión y análisis de recursos en investigación interpretativa".

Regarding my experience in searching for information in archives, e.g., I worked for Dolores Durán with her exhibition "Elmyr de Hory - Proyecto Fake" searching for documents and photos at the Special Collections Research Center of the Library of the University of Michigan